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February 5, 2010
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This took some research into learning flash coding i can tell you! >.<

This is more of a trial run for this kind of set up. Ive literally spent all day making this mostly searching for the codes in tutorials. When i couldn't find tutorials for what i wanted i tried to figure it out for myself >.> and when you're a noob at flash that's hard. at least it was for me. But its now done and i've learnt a lot! yay!

Please give me feedback so i know what to improve when i try this again! thank you ^^

Enjoy ^^
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ladys66pink Featured By Owner 4 days ago
1.cover your mouth 2.make a wish 3.put hand to heart 4.copy and paste this to 15 games in one day. 5. tommarow will be the best day of your acutally works.
Sonicxsnow1245 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
sorry about this... i hate chain letters/comments but this is scary and kind of promising, i apologize about this..
Hi, I am Teddy. Once you read this you
cannot get out. Finish reading this
until it is done! As I said, I am
Teddy. I am 7 years old. I have no eyes
and blood all over my face. I am dead.
If you don't send this to at least 12
people I will come to your house at
midnight and I'll hide under your bed.
When you're asleep, I'll kill you.
Don't believe me?"no"
Case 1:
Patty Buckles
Got this e-mail. She doesn't believe
in chain letters. Well, Foolish Patty.
She was sleeping when her TV started
flickering on and off. Now she's not
with us anymore. Ha ha patty, Ha ha!
You don't want to be like Patty, do
Case 2:
George M. Simon
Hates chain mail, but he didn't want
to die that night. He sent it to 4
people. Not good enough George. Now,
George is in a coma, we don't know if
he'll ever wake up. Ha ha George, Ha
ha! Now, do you want to be like George?
Case 3:
Valarie Tyler
She got this letter. Another chain
letter she thought. Only had 7 people
send to. Well, That night when she was
having a shower she saw bloody Mary
in the mirror. It was the BIGGEST
fright of her life. Valarie is scarred
Case 4:
Derek Minse
This is the final case I'll tell you
about. Well, Derek was a smart person.
He sent it to 12 people. Later that
day, he found a $100.00 bill on the
ground. He was premoted to head
officer at his job and his girlfriend
yes to his purposal. Now, Katie and
him are living happily ever after.The
have 2 beautiful children.
Send this to at least 12 people or
you'll face the consequences.
0 people- You will die tonight
1-6 people- you will be injured
7-11 people- you will get the biggest
fright of your life
12 and over- you are safe and will
have good fortun
WalkTheInch Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweetie,I think this was supposed to be in an E-mail :XD:
TessTess92 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010
i like it its pretty good
KOAnimation Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thank you
SakuraBellStudios Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Student General Artist
wow!! this is rly nice!! good work! i rly wish i had flash so i cld do this stuff too!
KOAnimation Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thank you ^^
SakuraBellStudios Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Student General Artist
^_^ ur welcome!!
GearFighter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010  Student Filmographer
KOAnimation Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thank you ^^
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